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"In a matter of days my scores were lower, and I went from a 9.6 to a 6.4 in a month."

Mike O.

"I was struggling to break 80, and after a couple weeks I shot a 71 and 74 in a tournament. Getting up and down from around the greens completely change my scores."

Jeff K.

"Tom, this is the best short-game device I've ever used. my students improved immediately and I have more lessons because of their success"

Kristen P.

Not every garage born technlogy in the Silicon Valley is high-tech related.

I started ChipTrainer because tech and traffic made it difficult to maintain my short-game. This device allows golfers to simulate stance, ball position, posture, and grip, while giving instant feedback on shot quality. With proper technique and modest use (See six step lesson plan), it's common to reduce scores by 4-8 shots within a couple weeks of use (Eliminate 2 shanks and get up and down 1 time = 4 shots). To learn more about this home-based training aid, contact us at